Myths About Overnight Success


We all know that overnight success is not possible yet, we see the dreams for the overnight success and try to achieve them. But the clear question is, why should we even think about reaching somewhere even without any efforts.

Here in Thailand, almost everyone talks about the lottery and it looks like the country stops working at the time when the lottery results are declared.  I saw many people including rich buys a lottery with a dream to win it. I am not against it but made me think about the human nature. Are we more dependent on our luck than our skills? or we are not getting paid as per our skills or we are not able to fulfill our dreams with what we get.

I spent my 16 years in the field of information technology and trying to learn as much as I can on the daily basis. I am coming from a small town of Gujarat, India. While growing up I spent my most of the time in reading and studying new things. As I grow my hunger for learning something new also grown. This hunger helped me to the point where I am right now. I worked with many companies, some companies were smaller and some were growing organizations. At each and every organization I show my skills and helped organizations to grow. During this journey, I came across good and worst experiences. But yet, I didn’t leave my life riding on the luck.

I dream, some dreams come true and some become the worst nightmare. After many failures, I learned that dreaming is one thing and making them true is the another thing. To make the dream come true we need constant effort and the evaluation. We cannot leave our dreams on luck.

Coming back to the topic, we all need overnight success without sufficient efforts to make it real. I learned from my life experience that “Easy Come, Easy Go” the more effort you put achieve something the more you enjoy it.  If you are getting something for free it really has no value. Just stop dreaming and start acting, the success will automatically follow you.