Take The Stress Out Of Entrepreneurship


Being entrepreneur is the most complex hat on your head when everyone around you is your boss. Yes, it is true that if you are a business owner you take your own decisions but what you are an entrepreneur you listen to everyone around you and implement the best solution that is useful to everyone. From my viewpoint entrepreneurship is all about the innovation.

Innovation is all about changing the existing solution to make is more useful or advanced. Innovation is generally lead by the people experiences and the feedbacks. Following are some of the suggestions to be successful as an entrepreneur.

1. Read as much as you can
Read as many as books you can especially self-help, leadership, and the motivation. The more you read the more you gain the knowledge and it will also help you think clearly. Books contain the experiences from different people, their struggles and how they could overcome those struggles.

Apart from the books, read some self-help and leadership blogs. This will help you implement and lead the best team that can help you build the better innovative product.

2. Build the better team
Choose the people who are aligned with your goals. As being an entrepreneur you may be building a startup too. If the team members can not be the part of solution make sure that they are not becoming the part of the problem too.

As a being entrepreneur you will face lots of frustrations. make sure to speak up about the frustrations and applying the solution to the frustrations.

3. Communicate
As I mentioned in the previous post, Communication is the key to the business sustaining in this era. Communicate with team members as often as you can. The more you communicate the more trust you will build with your team.

4. Exercise
Do not forget to exercise at least one hour a day. It will be better if you can take a walk or run in the garden everyday morning. This will help you come out of your working environment and help you get some good ideas.

5. Sleep
Take sufficient amount of sleep each day. Sleep is as important as you work. if the sleep is not proper you may feel some moodiness and it may impact overall work.

6. Join the 5 AM club
Build a habit of waking up early. This habit will help you finish most of the work with fewer distractions.

7. Journaling and Auditing
Write your schedules, tasks, and achievement in a journal. This will help you audit your progress.