Since last couple of months, I was looking at the insights for my life, what is working for me and what is not. If something is working for me then what is the reason behind it? If something is not working for me then what is the reason behind it? and the answer I got was “The Agreement“, the agreement to myself. The agreement to the world.

When we have passion about something we work so hard to make it successful but at the same time if we lose passion we simply put that work aside. Simplest example, I started working on the project with my 100% enthusiasm, I plan many things but as soon as I felt the interference I left the project. What worked here, EGO

As said by many of the saints, “The Ego Must Go“, but is it really possible? If we do not have Ego we cannot grow, – I know many people feel like this is wrong. you can grow without ego. But in reality, the world where the competition is everything we cannot grow without ego. My ego style is different, If I am working on something, I gather all the details, I spend my lots of hours on research and make sure that when I deliver something it solves the purpose with some extra advantage.

Always try to give your 110%, the 10% extra is the value where you really outbid your competitor.

Why should we need to deliver the ordinary when we can deliver the extraordinary?

We need to do an agreement with ourselves to give the best to our self and the customers. I am not talking only about the business here, each and everyone in our life is our customer. Including our parents, friends and family. Ask yourself, how can you make everyone’s life good? How can you help them to be the better person? How can you help them to change their lives?

Treating people nearby will give you the feeling of running an enterprise, it will not only help you boost your self-confidence it will also help you to resolve the difficult life problems easily.

Make the Agreement with yourself to

  1. Help yourself by giving the sufficient time to yourself
  2. Help your near and dear ones to be the better
  3. Help the community as much you can

Commitment always follows the agreement, once you the agreement for your life you need to commit to all the dependencies. Theses dependencies include the self-care, personal development, family care, friends care and the society care. It seems every difficult from the way we look at it. But in reality, once you start working, it will become very easy.

I broke many agreements in past and it overall impacted on the personal and the professional life. We are taking agreements and commitments so lightly just because we feel it is not so important and the day we start considering one commitment as least value our mind start considering the other commitment as the least value too. I made the mistakes and learned from it and I do not want others to make the same mistakes.

These are my thoughts on the agreement and the commitment.

Tomorrow is the new day and you can start your life again. Take responsibility for your life. Make an agreement with yourself to make it better.