Some Random Thougths

I woke up at 3:30 AM today with a bad dream or in better words with a self-actualization. We all come across with multiple issues in life and all challenges make us stronger but at the same time, they also give us bad memories and the experiences. People say it is all about the Karma, what we give is what we receive but is this world really worth it? It is said that “Do good and you will receive well in return” and it is also said that “Do your tasks and do not think about the returns”

A few days back I read a quote saying “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are a good person is a little like expecting the bull not to attack you because you are a vegetarian.” We all are working hard to be successful in life but some of us taste the success with little work and some of us need to work hard to reach the success. Why there is so much difference for each of us, especially when we all are made by the GOD. Why some people are so lucky and why some need to fight for the luck throughout the life?

The possible answer is the “Karma”, The answers were unknown to me until I read the book called “Many lives many masters”. We all are meeting for a reason in our lives, our all actions are from the action of the previous lifetime and we also build the platform for the coming lifetime.

As per the spiritual books, we should avoid the words that can lead to one more lifetime. Many times intentionally or unintentionally we say that ” I will see you next time” these words also leads us to the next lifetime for the things to make happen. A better way to live life is “Forget and Forgive” everyone has to pay their dues. If we keep piling up the bad karma we will end up in the unsatisfactory life.

I got all these understanding possibly at my late stage. Accepting it as everything comes at its own time, nothing comes before time and nothing comes after time. For all of our life, our tasks are decided and each of the challenges on out life is preparing us for the next biggest challenge or they are preparing us for helping someone else at their time.

Our time is limited on the earth and we should live a life that can be helpful to others as much as it’s possible. If you can not help someone at least do not make it difficult for them to live. Give love to get love. Respect everyone as each of us is going through different life battles and we should respect them as much as we respect our self.

Making others happy and bringing back smiles on their faces is the noble task that can be done easily without any need of money or any physical things. I am working hard with my right now to be the better version of me that is dedicated to others.