Online Reputation Management is new SEO


After the latest updates from the various search engines for the algorithm people started discussion about the death of SEO, but in reality, SEO is going to the new more complex level where people need to take care more about the branding and keep monitoring the posts regarding the brand to make sure that there are no negative feedbacks and in the case of negative feedbacks it is taken care properly.

As per the statistics organisation employees has more follower than the organisation. Even the competitors follow the other company employees to get updates about the company. In these cases, we need to be more careful about the posts coming out from everyone. This blog post will help you understand how can you protect your online reputation and what steps needs to be taken care of to make sure that positive news is always spread at least for the first few pages of the search engine results.

1. There is no value of black hat SEO now

A few years back people consider using the backlinks for the domain authority valuation but after the latest update of August 2016, Google along with other search engines stop considering the backlinks and started removing the SPAM backlinks from the search engine results. This matters a most when your site does not have the unique contents and the stories

To build the more trust and the links you need to write unique contents and stories for your site. The site needs to be updated at least twice a week and ping to various search engines for the better results.

Now the social shares, comments and the links matter the most for any of the sites. So it is also important to make sure that the contents are being liked by the visitors and you are getting the comments and the comments are replied on time.

New equation for the search engine success is
Unique Contents + Social Shares + Comments = Better Search Engine Performance

2. Social Influence

It is important to make the best impact on the social media, I saw many of the organisations makes the mistake of sharing the contents from the other sites in place of creating their own content. From the end user perspective, it clearly proves that the company does not have anything of its own.

It is not important that you need to update your blogs or news every day, but it is important to give unique contents and share is with people. This will allow people to understand more about the company and organisation.

Organisations must use all the leading social media accounts and share contents across the platforms for getting more momentum from the social media platforms.

Some of the social media platforms I suggest are Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, 500px, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit. The number of followers does not matter, but the number of active followers makes a huge impact.

3. Social Media Automation is good, But not everything should be automated

There are many tools that provide the greeting message to the new follower, it is good to greet, but before greeting it is understand the follower first. Many followers come to get more details about the organisation and greeting them with the more personal message will help you build trust over the social platforms.

Closely monitor hashtags that belong to your organisation and if required respond to the hashtags. In the case of the organisation appreciation, make sure to reshare the content and appreciate the appreciator.

Share the real photos of the company and use some tags like #lifeat<companyname> this will help to understand the visitor to understand the organisation more.

These were my thoughts from the online reputation management from an organisation perspective. Please do share your views.

Next blog post will cover how to make the personal branding work for you and how to build an effective personal brand.