October 2016 – A Plan Ahead

As told by Robin Sharma many times, Clarity Precedes Mastery. To move this to another level I am going with the month ahead planning for the October 2016. I will keep posted about the progress and the updates. This planning covers health, fitness, personal development and some information technology tasks. I am considering each of them as an individual challenge and let’s see whether I can achieve it or not.

Challenge 1 : Health and Fitness Progress


Challenge 1: Health and Fitness

Since the last couple of months, I am spending my most of the time on the chair. I could not follow my schedule for the exercise. As a challenge for myself, I will run at least 60 km and cycling at least 60 km in a month. The schedule is comparatively achievable. It is coming down to  2 KM/day cycling and running.

You can join me in my challenge on Runkeeper and track my progress.

Runkeeper Connect: https://runkeeper.com/user/ankyit

Challenge 2: Personal Development

September 2016 was really busy being busy. Too many new things came in and went by. This was the first month when I could not read any books. But for the month of October 2016, I am going to read two books.

Book 1: Megaliving

One of the classic book by Robin Shama about how to live a meaningful life. I love to read this book when things are not going as planned. It helps to boost the motivation and also help to regain the momentum in life.

Book 2: Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

I didn’t read this book anytime before but Brain Tracy is one of my favorite author and his books always gives extraordinary teaching to make the things works for.

Challenge 2: Personal Development

Mega Living
Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time


SEO Ranking in 10 Pages
SEO Ranking in 9 Pages
SEO Ranking in 8 Pages
SEO Ranking in 7 Pages
SEO Ranking in 6 Pages
SEO Ranking in 5 Pages
SEO Ranking in 4 Pages
SEO Ranking in 3 Pages
SEO Ranking in 2 Pages
SEO Ranking in 1st Page

Challenge 3: SEO SEM and SMM

I am working on some side projects for the Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. I selected three sites as the playground and planning to make the difference in a month. The main goal for the sites is as follows

  1. Getting Better Rank in Search Engines
  2. Improve Sales for the eCommerce site
  3. Increase organic traffic

Playground Sites are as follows

  1. www.anky.it – My Personal blog. Still no ranking on Google (As of 23-Sep-2016)
  2. www.greatwoodenpuzzle.com – e-commerce site, Still no ranking on Google. No Sales (As of 23-Sep-2016)

Challenge 4: WordPress Plugin Development

I love to work on WordPress. So far I haven’t given anything back to the community and this is the first time I am going to give back something to the community. A WordPress plugin. Definitely, it is a small project but it is better to start somewhere.

The plugin will display the user IP address in the widget area. As time moves by the plugin will be more matured with the many other features.

Challenge 4: WordPress Plugin Development

Design Diagram