Marketing vs Branding


Last weekend I researched more for the marketing and branding. What makes more impact Marketing or Branding? The answer is Branding. If you invest more in the branding you will get the indirect benefits to the marketing and this is going to be the long-term advantage. If we invest only on the marketing there is no real advantage for the branding.

Almost all the companies have their blog and most of the blogs are full of the contents. Some of the contents are impactful and some of the contents are just the information. Nowadays companies are getting more customer inquiries through the blogs and the call to action sections. If the blog has better contents it will have the advantage of better search engine listing as well as it will also help to engage the customers to take the action based on the call to action. So from this perspective, it is important to make the quality contents as compared with the quantity contents.

From the IT company perspective, we can tell and convince the customer that we can build a solution for you. Yet the customer is unsure about the deliverables until he sees the real product. From the branding perspective, you can write a blog post with the user stories and it will help the customer to understand the solution that you can provide as well as it will also give more confidence to the customer for your company.

From the marketing perspective, we can set some advertisements on the search engines but at it always includes money and ROI are not always sure. If you share the sure stories over a blog post or over the social media platforms the ROI is sure. As I mentioned in the post that if one person is facing the problem that means some other people are also facing the same problem and looking for the solution and you can take the opportunity out of it.

How build effective branding?

Branding can be both, personal and organizational. For the personal branding, you can use various social media platforms including Facebook, google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is important to show real you not the fake you. It is said that Fake it until you make it, but this is completely wrong in the case of brand building. You need to showcase who are you and what are you capable of. You also need to make sure to take part in the active discussions for the same topics. It is not about the game of a number of followers it is the game of the number of active followers. The more activeness you show to help people to resolve their troubles the more active followers you get. It is the best ladder to success.

From the organization perspective, effective branding solution is different. You need to write the real customer stories and how you helped them to resolve their issues without revealing their identities. Organizations need to make sure that they are active on various social media and building genuine followers to increase the brand valuation. It is also important to provide the innovative solutions to all of the customers to solve their problems.

These are my thoughts on marketing vs branding. If you have any other ideas feel free to share in the following comment box.