Managing Too Much or Too Little?


This article with gives a highlight on selecting the best management approach for the startups. Many of the startups are facing to find the proper way to manage a team for the better results. The best way to manage a team is to go with the option of hybrid management, a combination of the micro and macro management.
Micro management is all about taking care of all little things including the time. Means how much time did the team member spend on each task. For some of the cases, the time logging and all other management things take more time than the actual implementation.

Macro management is all about “give it and forget it” until it’s done. In this case, sometimes we never come to know if the team member is stuck at any point and thus the development.
Hybrid strategy is all about giving the tasks and managing it with fewer details, but with the details enough to track the progress of the development.

Following are the helpful guidelines to implement the hybrid management in your workplace.

1. Use of the Technology:
Use the technology wisely. There are many tools like Asana or Trello that can be used to implement the project with the proper tasks. Split your tasks into multiple sub-tasks, and subtasks into multiple checklists task.

This will help you check the progress of the work without interfering or asking the team members. You will also come to know if any task is stuck for the longer time and you can jump in for the solution.

2. Clarify the implementation
Many of the developers / implementors afraid to ask the question and it may lead to the wrong development of the application or the project. Help team members to understand why are they doing something. This will make them understand the workflow clearly and the final outcome easily.

3. Recognise Team Members
All the people you are are not with the same skill set some are good at the development and some are good at the implementation. Study each team members well and assign the tasks accordingly. This will help you deliver better products to the customer.

4. Jump in the conversation when required
Monitor the work progress closely on the tools and as and when required do not wait to jump in the discussion. Many people afraid to ask for the help and overall it impacts the product delivery. Jumping in the conversation will not only help you to boost the development process but also will help you to gain more trust from the team members. The more you care for the team members the more they will care for you .

5. No one is perfect
No one is perfect.All the people in the team are learning and growing so if in case any team member makes any mistake help him/ her to fix the mistake and help them to grow. The more they learn the more they can make your work easy.

These are my thoughts on managing a team, please do share your ideas on managing a team.