Making Money Online – 1

Lots of forums are discussing the making online money and they are considering the past records but in reality, we haven’t seen any of the forums are really showing the money making at the same time.

Considering that this blog post will be the help and guide with the real-time money making website building. There are many ways to make money online like affiliate sites, blogging, selling and drop shipping.

For this blog post, we will consider the online money making through blogging and the affiliate site building. I purchased a domain a few years back named and it is never used. We will use this domain as the example and build a money making site from the scratch.

As a content building platform, we will use WordPress. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms for the website building. It is popular among people with and without programming experience due to its simplicity.

Let’ s start our journey with for the online money making. To make money online we need A domain name, Web Space, Website building platform, Contents and dedicated time.

As mentioned earlier I purchased a domain, as the name implies it can be used to build a website that can sell wooden puzzles or it can be used to review the wooden puzzles or even it can be used to build a platform that can compare various wooden puzzles.

While purchasing a domain name you must make sure that the domain name contains the words that represent what your website is all about. For example, if you want to sell the baby clothing, you can buy a domain with the words like toddler clothing, baby clothing or kids clothing. It is always advised to use two words as it will represent the domain purpose clearly.

Once the domain name is chosen you need to go with the website hosting. There are mainly two types of website hosting, 1. Dedicated – VPS hosting 2. Shared Hosting. If you are new to the website hosting you can go with the shared hosting. Shared hosting with CPanel will give you easy to use interface and you can build your website in a just couple of minutes. While as the VPS based hosting requires server management knowledge and it will take more time to setup a server.

From my experiences, I always prefer to go with the VPS hosting as it gives more flexibility over the shared hosting, in many of the cases we have seen that if one of the websites is compromised/hacked on the shared hosting panel then it impacts all other sites on the same server. Many times the servers are oversold and it makes the websites slow. Please make a note that if your website is not opening in less than five seconds than overall you loose your customers.

Both shared and the dedicated hosting has its own pros and cons. We will see it in the future posts with the comparison and limit this blog post for the blog setup.

After the WordPress installation now it is time to design the site. You can use the themes from the theme or website design from ThemeForest. It provides various designs and you can use one of them to build your own identity.

In next blog post, I will provide more detailed instructions on how to choose a domain name. Along with some more tips. If you want to learn more about making money online you can register for my online training course.