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Life in Second Life By Philip Rosedale

We all live and die, there is no limitation on what we can do and what we can not. However, we are bounded by the thing called society and it allows us to do some things and block us from doing many things. The TED talk by Philip Rosedale on Life in Second Life , an online second life destination overcomes this issue. You can watch the video here


As per Philip, as a being teenager and being an adult we are not able to do many things. Likewise when he was young and looking for the room door needs to be open upwards in place of sliding it. He could make it happen for his room but everyone is not lucky to make it.

We are living in the world where we always care about what people will say and it always kills our dream. This also kills our enthusiasm and at the end we end up living a machine life. As the example given by Philip when we move to space, we explore ourselves and start a new life. This life will be different than the life you are living. The life you create will be the life you always dreamed of. The Second life is developed on this principal to give you 100% freedom of the world creation as per your expectation.

I haven’t signed up for the second life yet, but I am going to do it today evening to have a look at what exactly it look like. I also want to experience the dream by Phillip and how much it impacts my life. I will publish my reviews for the second life soon.

The TED talk was presented in the year 2008 , yet the concepts for second life are so perfect. I loved the concept of talking to other visitors or product viewer to ask for the experience of online product buying. Still, I can not see any platform where we can really talk to the peers and take their consideration while buying the products but it can be one of the revolutionary site/product.

At the beginning of the talk, I thought it is all about the social life that we are living today, the facebook and the like culture. Where people live in the society where personal emotions are less important as compared with the digital emotions. But as the talk move to the end, I came to know about the real second life with real emotions where you can talk to people and express your feelings!!!

Earlier I used to love Facebook and other social platforms but the more I know about them and the more I see the things being published I stopped loving it. I love the culture where people talk about positivity and human religion. Not trolling anyone. Just helping each other to grow. There is no difference between the social platforms and the real social life where people can not see anyone doing good.

Everything starts with a dream and a dream to make a better world and life. Helping someone with a social and emotional support will help him/her to grow more. Let’s be socially responsible.

These were my thoughts on the talk. Please do share your thoughts.


Last night I installed the second life application. I didn’t find it attractive. I spent almost three hours for the application and found that it is no different than the real life except you have some super powers like you can fly and even after falling from the height you do not die. Ah! forgot to mention you can also travel through walls.