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What I Learned From TED Talk

Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we’ve done – Bill and Melinda Gates


Yesterday I watch the TED talk by Bill and Melinda Gates for the topic “Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we’ve done.” It overall matches my philosophy of the life.

We can live for ourselves but the day we start living for others without any expectation our life becomes the most valuable. You can watch the video here.

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After searching for the meaning of life everywhere at the end I come to the conclusion that “Meaning of life is not only living, but it is to helping and making it useful for everyone” We are living in the selfish world where people put themselves on the first and rest of the people as later. This increases the distance between people and at the end, they live the life alone.

It is better to consider the world as a family and help others as much as you can. The more happiness you spread the more happiness you will receive. The purpose of life should be the life of purpose.

I learned the most important lesson from this TED talk that before helping someone make sure that you have sufficient things to help. Helping someone is same as the tree, the tree will not give you anything until it is mature enough. Until its roots are secured enough. If we try to take the things from the tree before it is mature, either it will die or it will not have the growth.

The world has given us many things and it is better to give the things back to the world. We are blessed with a home , food and even family. Many people in the world do not have even basic amenity to live. Saving and giving only 5% of what you have will also help them a lot.

When I suggest giving 5% of what you have, you will definitely have the question, I can not save even 5% of what I have, how can I give it to the society. It is easy and achievable

1. Declutter the things, the things you do not use may be useful to others. In place of selling them , give them away to the people in need. It can be your old clothes, old books, electronics or even food

2. Try using the public transport once a week, It will help you save the gasoline and you can consider the same money as your savings. I am planning to use cycle once a week to the office, this will help to reduce the environmental issues as well as help my health to get better. I will post my experience of cycling to the office during the next month.

Above are my thoughts on helping the helping the world and people in need. Please share your ideas on how you can help the world and others who are in need. Let’s work together to make everyone’s life better.

Make sure to help others without any expectation. As said in Bhagavad Gita

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।
मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥ २-४७

Help anyone without expectation of the fruits (returns). Let not the fruits of action be your motive, nor let your attachment be to inaction.


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