Determined to Change – I

Determined to change
Determined to change

Change is the most difficult thing to adapt to life. Many times we want to get rid of the bad habits, change behavior, but we are not able to do it easily and the main reason behind that is the lack of determination. I am writing this blog almost after three months of duration and during this time I went through many changes and now I reach to the point where it it giving me a proud feeling about myself.

Many of the books say that if you want to change, change your surroundings. In the digital age, we are surrounded by Social Networks. The first thing I did was to delete the Social Profiles and Start from new. Even after starting new profile make sure to follow only the people who are near to you. Following everyone brings the feeling of the world an unsafe place. Apart from that, you can also try removing all the social apps from the mobile devices, this will not only improve your concentration for the work and the physical life but also improve the mobile battery life.

Following is one of the suggestions that I tried to adapt to change:

1. Make a commitment: Make commitments to yourself and be sticking to it. When we try to change ourselves, it gives the same feeling like sailing the boat in the wrong direction. You may come across the time where people may not trust you. But be true to yourself as the changes are good for you and your future.

I would like to add my story here, My life is full of mistakes and those mistakes leading me to the spot where I become too much insecure, insecurity leads people to speak themselves lie and lie lead to the untrustworthiness. All these things are the same as a whirlpool, once you are in, it is very difficult to come out of it. Luckily I got a partner who cares for me and helping me to change a lot. She is helping me to be a good person and I am really grateful for that.

It is really difficult to apply all the changes at the same time, go with one change a month and it will lead to the 12 changes in a year!!

Whatever commitment you make to yourself, create a note for it and keep it with you all time and make sure to keep it handy, you can put it a purse or put a self-reminder note on your desk. Share your commitment to the people whom you trust and who can motivate and help you to apply those changes in your life.


Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw

Commitment to yourself is the first step to change. Once committed to being sure to achieve the change no matter what. Do not look back, just keep moving forward. The way will not be easy, but at the end, it will give its best rewards.