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What I Learned From TED Talk

Creative problem-solving in the face of extreme limits – Navi Radjou

Today morning I watch the TED video from Navi Radjou, So amazing talk about the Jugaad, The Indian style of the style of converting the adversity into opportunity. Take a time to watch the video here.


We always face the difficulties while starting something new and we leave the things due to the limited number of resources. Resources can be the manpower of the fund. In fact, we need to work to get the things done with the limited resources with the simple rule of less is more.

Navi gave the best comparison between the south world and the north world (Till now I was thinking that the world can be distinguished in the east world and the west world). In movies and books, we always get the details about the western culture and eastern culture but in the case of innovation and the entrepreneurship the word has the new comparison of the southern world and northern world or in other terms developed and undeveloped countries.

We are seeing many new innovations from the undeveloped countries and they are changing the lives of many people. Only technical innovation is not enough nowadays, we need to do the innovation that can help the nation to grow, help to change people lives, help the sustainable energies and help the world to make the better place.

Last year I visited the student’s project fair at MMIT – Chiangmai, one project took my higher attention. The project was all about the water system and could help the farmers to set the auto water release for the farm. It can also help the farmer to stop the water as soon as the plants have the sufficient water. It looked very simple but from the functionality perspective, it is going to help to save water as well as help farmers to make sure that all the plants have the sufficient water.

We are living in the world where we do everything with “More for More” view but we need to change the focus to “More with Less“. This means use the fewer resources to build the best solution. How can we achieve the More with Less?

1. Keep it simple.
We try to make things the as complex as we can. The more complex the thing the more difficult it will become to manage. Sometimes it becomes so difficult that the simple project will use the more resources and this is definitely not an innovation. Innovation is all about making the life simple not the miserable.

As a being developer or the entrepreneur try to build an application that can make others lives easy. If something existing is making your life difficult that must be creating issues for someone else too. Do not ignore it, Be the part of the solution. Give the best solution you can, so tomorrow the world can remember you.

To be an entrepreneur you do not need a degree, you need a vision. You need a nature to help others. Many people fail in the startup it is just because the startup is developed with the purpose to serve “I”. Build a startup that can serve all and it will definitely be the best startup in the world.

2. Do not reinvent
Reinvention will take lots of effort, just try to make the existing solution more easy for the public. The more easy the solution is, the more people will use it. The more people use it the more lives you will touch. We already have what we need, we need to make it easy for others to use it.

Simple example, education is required for everyone but still many people can not get the proper education and the can not grow. We can make a solution like creating an application to register volunteer and share them the details about the area where they can go and teach kids/students. Even if this is done once a week still it is very helpful for the people without any education.


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