Conventional Wisdom v/s Personal Branding


This morning I got a new book titled “Brand Called You” and stuck at the point where the conventional wisdom is compared with the personal branding. This is the same thing that I always say that we need to do something different than our competitor does. Following is the snippet from the book.

“Conventional wisdom says that when you’re in a competitive situation, you should copy what the other guy is doing, only try to do it better. Don’t go against the grain or stand out, because you might alienate someone, somewhere. Fit everyone else’s mold. “

Personal branding is all about you, as per the conventional marketing strategies we should not show our emotions to the outer world, but from my perspective, you should show your emotions and also give the suggestion on how to deal with all the emotions. We all are human and we have our own challenges, the challenges you are facing right now, someone else in the world may be facing the same challenge. By giving your solutions you can help them to make their life better.

As per the conventional wisdom, we need to copy the other person to be successful. But if we copy someone else at the end we are losing our identity. and we should also remember that copy is a copy at the end there is no genuine in that. To be the different person you need to be genuine and unique.

As in our professional and personal life always struggling between the following questions

  • Why am I flush with cash one month and struggling the next?
  • Why do competitors with less ability consistently get more business than I do?
  • Why am I so dependent on a few clients?
  • Why do I never seem to reach my income goals?
  • When does it get easier?
  • Why do I loose even after giving my best?

The answer is simple, we lack the strategies, ownership, responsibility and not taking risks. Life is all about taking risks, we need to take risks to be successful, we need to come out of our comfort zones to make the things work. In this competitive world, we can not use the same strategies to make the things work. We need to provide the different solution for each problem. Things worked yesterday may not work today and following the same solution may end up in delaying the solution delivery and losing the customer.

The conventional wisdom is important but not it should be taken as the guideline rather than a standard. To build a personal brand you need to be bold and strong to accept the odds and take the responsibility of all the steps. Be Real. Be Unique. Be You.