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Life and a desire to be successful

Success is a very vague word, to be successful for me may not be the same for you. Each and everyone defines success differently. But for me, success is mainly a satisfaction of the good life where I can get what I want and make my life useful to others.

I was born in a middle-class joint family and my parents did all the things that they can do to make my life better. Whether they can manage or not but still they did their best to get the things that we need. I always have regretted that I could not make the same for them yet. I am in my early thirties but yet looking for the life to be settled and helping each and every connected people in my life.

I got some worst phases in life and during that phase, I got a habit of reading books. The most of the books were spiritually inclined and the more I read those books the more I get clarity of life. When we look at the movies, we feel that the life is all about earning money and be the king of the world. But in reality, we can not compare our life with reel life. Real life has much more challenges and difficulties.

Nothing is impossible if you make a commitment to yourself to do it. Many people make the commitments but are never stick to it and it leads to the uncontrolled life. Unfortunately, I was one of them. I made many promises to myself but could hardly fulfil any of them. Making a decision and sticking to it requires too much effort. Initially, you will get lots of excuses for not sticking to your decision, but be sure to get one more reason to stick to your desires.

We all go through life troubles, do not live life just for living. Make it more meaningful and useful.