2017 – A year in Review

This blog post covers my year 2017 review and next post will be my 2018 goals

2017 in Review

It was really an amazing year. I got my better half, had baby and worked on very exciting projects. This year also helped me to clear my many debts. Let me count them at very high level

  1. Better Half: Life always gives you happiness in an unexpected way. 2017 was the year with unexpected gifts and probably the best year of my life. I got my better half and since she came in my life the life changed in the better way. Unlike year 2016 when I lost health, wealth and self confidence, 2017 started giving me everything back and helped me to start loving the life again.

  2. ´╗┐Elek: Another best day of my life was on 8Nov when our youngest child born and that made four of us. God sent a beautiful package in our life

  3. Finances: Reduced certain debts but yet still have much more to clear. Understood the major difference between what I want and what I need. Started living life with minimalism and coming year will also help me to clear final debts.