We can be Buddhas – Robert Thurman


What did I learn from the TED talk

We can be Buddhas by Robert Thurman

I was never religious or spiritual before until I moved to Thailand. I was a normal person thinking like there is nothing called GOD in this world. Whatever happens to us it is because of our deeds only. After listening to this TED talk I compared my life with it and I felt like Robert Thurman said the correct thing. We all can be Buddha, in fact, we all are Buddhas. You can watch the video here.


Let me tell you my story and how I compare it with the story told by Robert. I born at Palanpur a small town situated in Gujarat, India. I born in the middle-class joint family so there were many restrictions as well as many terms and conditions to live. I did not have many friends in life but those who were in my life they were richer than my family and it made me ask many things to my parents to buy for me. My parents are so religious and they also tried to teach me the same. But probably it was not the right time for me to learn. Years passed, I went to the college , met a girl, fall in love and we broke up in a couple of months. Her best friend came in my life we got married. We blessed with a kid. Things went well for few years two years back we got separated. I left everything for the family and at the end I become alone. The story is not ended yet.

Throughout my life journey, I tried to help as many as people I can and the life gave me back the same thing. Even though I was going through the worst days GOD gave me support by the best people in my life. These people always stand for me and help me in all the cases. I am so grateful for all of them.

After moving to Thailand I was spending my most of the time alone. Most weekends were and are the time when I do not have anything to do. For a couple of months, I did nothing but then I started reading spiritual books and the motivation. The more I read the books, the more I meet the people around and the more I correlate the things with my life. I came to the conclusion that the life given to us is to make it useful for others. We must not be selfish and think of ourselves only. We should be useful to others as much as we can.

Life should have the balance between the spirituality and the physical world. We can not live without physical possessions as well as we can not live without spirituality. The more we learn ourselves the more we go near the Nirvana or the meaning of life. The life we are living as an individual and the life we live as considering the world as a family is different. Make your life so worthy and useful to others that the day you leave the world everyone to consider being you.

We are in this lifetime to fulfill the dues of the past life. Whatever we are doing right now we did it many times in our previous lifetimes. We think that what we are is the physical look that we show to everyone. in reality what we are is within us the real us. The person we never show to anyone. The person who is hidden from everyone and the person who is known to you only.