The best gift I ever survived – Stacey Kramer


What did I learn from the TED talk

The best gift I ever survived By Stacey Kramer

Last week I met with an accident and could not post any of the blogs. but during that, I got sufficient time to retrospect myself. I did not take a break from the work as it comes with more priority than the personal blog. During this time I read many new books and also experienced some great challenges. This blog post will cover what I learned from the TED talk on The best gift I ever survived By Stacey Kramer.

When Stacey started her presentation I felt like it is more from the dream world where we always wanted to live but we are not able to achieve it may be due to lack of the support and the motivation but at the end she made me cry. I would suggest you go through the video here.


In this fast pacing life, we all have desires but are we really working so hard that we kill our desires and all our desires die in the dream only. We all want people to praise us, acknowledge our efforts, love us and have the happy life but in reality, we can not achieve it due to all other responsibilities. The world is more looking towards money than the emotions. The day we understand and value other people’s emotions the world will be the different place.

When we talk to people everyone says that “Money is nothing, Money is not important” but the day you loose money you loose everything including the relationships, status, friends and family. So how does money is not important in the life? Why are we not meeting the things we talk? yes, not all the people are not same but the ratio is very small. For many years I am monitoring the people and their behaviour and it literary changes on your money status.

So how to be happy? I listened to one of the podcasts from CBS and there was a line that touched me a lot “There is no love like self-love” , The more you love yourself the more you will enjoy the world. Do not make your happiness dependent on anyone else. You need to be selfish in the case of love. The day you start loving yourself everything will be changed.

Life is all about living. Life is not only about worrying and living with the waiting to die.