Before Avatar … a curious boy – James Cameron


What I learned from TED talk

Before Avatar … a curious boy by James Cameron

Today I watched a motivational talk from James Cameron on TED titled Before Avatar … a curious boy. We all know James Cameron as a director but we do not know more about his nature and the way he looks at the world. This TED talk shows the real James Cameron. You can watch the video here.


As a child and even at any age we see dreams and converting the dreams into the reality is the biggest challenge. James Cameron has not only seen the dreams and make them real, he converted his imagination into the reality. We can see his imagination and creativity in his both of the movies, Titanic and Avtaar

Converting imagination into reality needs more efforts than the dream. Dream is still achievable but imagination is not. Usually, our dreams are from our surroundings and they hardly go beyond it. Imagination is the open eye dreams and that is always going beyond our surroundings. One can achieve his dreams without anyone else’s support but to convert the imagination into the reality you need excessive teamwork. Following are the key points to be successful as a dreamer or imaginative.

1. Curiosity:
Be curious about everything. You must ask What, When, Why , How and Where question for each of your dreams. For example, some people are really successful in their life and you want to be like them then you must ask yourself.

a. What are they doing to be successful?
b. How are they doing each task?
c. Where do they spend their time?
d. Why are they successful?
e. When do they do each task (Schedules)?

2. Force Imagination to be reality:
Force your imagination to be the reality. Imagining the same thing every day and not taking any steps to make it a reality is the same as not imagining.

3. Respect your team:
Teamwork is the important factor to win. If you do not have a good cooperative team you can not win anything. Trust your team and help them to grow. The more they grow the more you reach near to fulfill your dreams.

4. Don’t put limitation to yourself
There are no real limits, the limitation is in our mind only. Few moths back I read a book and one line attracted me a lot. ” Sky is not a limit as we already reach to the moonAll the problems have some solution just we need to find the proper way to handle it. Problems are the challenges that make us strong and show the way to be successful.

If anything is limiting you, ask for help to your friends or family and even if you can not find a solution feel free to ask me, I may be able to help.

5. Failure has to be an option
It is not possible to meet the success at the first try, there will be failures and if you face the failure it is the proof of trying. I failed at many things including love, family, business, and work. Each failure taught me new things and made me strong enough to face any difficulties. Do not fear for the failure. Failures are the part of life and they come to teach us the important lessons.

Conclusion: To be successful we need curiosity, imagination, a great teamwork, fearfulness, and no limitation.


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